Thursday, April 17, 2008

What kind of bike do I have?

Now that Blue 2.0 is over, (Hey, don't I get a certificate or something?) I am returning to this blog's roots. Motorcycling!

A frequent question I've been getting from colleagues who have seen this blog is: What kind of bike do you have? Well, to clarify, *I* don't really have a bike. Yes, I passed a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, and yes, I have a license, but generally, I've been learning to ride as a passenger; it's harder than you might think.

Sitting on the back of a motorized vehicle might not seem like something that would make you tired, but it does, and quickly. Some of it is the mental stress of the danger of speeding along (relatively) unprotected on the roadway. Some of it is the physical stress of sitting up straight without moving for long periods of time.

There are some things you can do to help this, though. One is frequent breaks. I couple of minutes walking around will refresh you more than you might think. Another is having the proper equipment. I've been riding on the back of a bike with footpegs for my feet. Before starting to ride, I wouldn't have thought this would be a problem. After all, I'm not standing on the pegs. However, a peg digging into the sole of your unmoving boot for an hour is really uncomfortable. Now, thanks to Brian's recent purchase, we are both going to have floorboards. I am really, really looking forward to using them during this gorgeous Kentucky spring.

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