Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Personal Touch

I was very surprised and happy to discover a handwritten note from the President of the American Library Association, Loriene Roy, in my mailbox this week.

She congratulated me on winning a 2008 EBSCO/ALA Conference Sponsorship.

She says in the note that she is looking forward to seeing me, so maybe she is planning to attend the breakfast for us at the ALA Annual Conference. That would be really great. I'll have to make sure I get my picture taken with her.

I wonder how many of these kinds of notes she must write. I'm sure it takes up a lot of time, but it certainly makes a big impression on the receiver. That's something to keep in mind for public service: a personal touch and extra effort might take up some time and energy, but people really do notice and appreciate it!

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Stacey Greenwell said...

How thoughtful! Congrats again on your award!