Saturday, June 28, 2008

First day ALA Annual Conference 2008

I knew I was having a good time at the conference when I realized that I'd been awake for almost 21 hours and wasn't the least bit tired.

The day started by waking very early for a red-eye flight. A pain, but it meant with the time change that I still had plenty of time to enjoy the day. Anaheim, California seems like a combination of Singapore and Japan. Very topical, but also kind of scarily nice nice. The Disney influence is very evident. My Travelodge hotel is definitely budget, but it's very close to the convention center, and the wireless works great.

I got to the conference in time for the New Members Round Table Conference 101. I didn't want to attend, but I wanted to help out if they needed me. I helped with the tote bag handout and met some of the Conference Committee members I'd been working with over email. Very good to put some faces to the names.

I also went to the NMRT Meet and Greet. I was very happy to see they had food and drink this year. I didn't stay long, though, as it was a little awkward to socialize with people I don't know.

The last and most exciting activity of the evening was the Open Gaming Night. I'd never seen Rock and Roll Hero before. It's Guitar Hero on steriods. There was quite a crowd for that. I played a Wii driving game and DDR, which I love. I had to make myself go home and go to bed.


Callomac said...

Teresa and I have DDR, if you ever want to come over and play. Teresa needs someone to "dance" with. :)

Alice said...