Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Library Instruction Symposium

Eastern Kentucky University Libraries hosted a fantastic Library Instruction Symposium in October, with Jeffrey Liles as the guest speaker.

What was really beneficial to me was not so much learning new tips (Dr. Liles kept emphasizing that he didn't bring "a bag of tricks."), but reminding myself of what I already knew about good instruction. Keeping the focus on task-based activities and letting the students work together. It made me think of so many things I used to do as an ESL teacher that I had somehow lost as a one- (or two-) shot instruction session librarian.

And the best part was that I got to meet so many fantastic EKU librarians, who were about to become my new colleagues. The week after the Symposium I began my new job as the Visiting Reference and Instruction Librarian at EKU. It's great to be here.

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