Thursday, January 17, 2008

한국에서 온 친구들을 만날 거에요.

I had been wondering if Blogger would accept Korean fonts, and I am happy to discover it does.

This weekend I'm going on a little trip. It is with my boyfriend, who I've always ridden with, but it will not be on a motorcycle because it is a seven hour drive. The longest trip I've been on is what would have been a 1.5 hour trip in the car on the Interstate. That was done on back roads, with frequent breaks, so it took much longer. I've learned that riding a motorcycle, even as a passenger, is really exhausting even under perfect conditions. If you add heat or cold or wind or anything else that makes the ride less than perfect, you have to add much more downtime for rest.

So, I'm off. I'm looking forward to seeing four good friends, catching up and talking at great length about the good old days in the Land of the Morning Calm. 안녕!

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