Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Practice makes perfect

We are supposed to write about our experiences signing up for an IM service and creating a blog. Was it difficult or easy to create? Chatting I'd done for years, so it was no problem, and I was not surprised to discover that setting up a blog is very simple as well. What was hard was the 1.0 part: coming up with an idea and something to say about it.

Riding a motorcycle is much more challenging than that. I always imagined that actual riding, in traffic or on uneven pavement or around twisting, speedy roads was not easy, but I was shocked to learn how complicated the actual operation of the vehicle is. I'd been riding a bicycle since the age of five (learned without training wheels) and driving a standard shift car since the age of 16, but put those two things together and it is a whole different experience. Especially since I find I want to accelerate with my right foot (actually rear brake) and break with my left foot (gear shift) like a car and hit the breaks with both hands (left hand clutch) like a bicycle. Add to that the fact that I feel like easing off on the accelerator should mean pulling your hand back instead of forward, and I start to feel like I am not wired properly.

Like anything, I'm sure it just takes practice.

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