Friday, March 7, 2008

Second Life and Twitter

I created my Second Life account about a year ago. I always advise anyone who is trying SL for the first time to take the time to go through Orientation Island throughly. I rushed through, and I missed some fun activities that I couldn't go back to once I'd left.

Second Life is definitely interesting, and I think in some ways it's the wave of the future. I predict that the Internet will eventually become a 3D universe like this one, but I don't think it will be SL itself, just something similar. My main problem with SL is that it's private. Linden Labs is a private company in San Fransisco and SL resides entirely on its servers. I've heard that SL will eventually become open source, and that will make me feel better about it.

For this assignment, I also signed up for Twitter. I was very familiar with the concept of micro-blogging, but I just hadn't tried it myself. I had been getting Twitter updates from some individuals for a while, since you can post your Twitter feed through Facebook.

Micro-blogging reminds me a lot of text messaging or status updates on Facebook. It's a way of sending a very quick message to people you're connected with. I think it would work best in a situation where time mattered. It seems like it would be useful at a conference or a political rally, for example. One thing I fear is being overwhelmed (or overwhelming others) with trivial posts. So far, my only two posts have been "I'm signing up for Twitter" and "wondering if the weather will be as bad as predicted." Too many posts like these, and maybe people will stop "following" me.

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